La Catherine solar power plant

The building is a riding school equipped with a photovoltaic installation on the roof. It is south-facing and has a footprint of approximately 2,400m². This structure is made of wood framework and has a roof slope of 26%. The building is open on three sides and has a wooden cladding on the north side. Natural lighting is also provided by 130m² of translucent panels distributed over the roof.

Technical data :

  • Surface area: 1’900m².
  • Total power: 248’400Wp
  • Expected production: 319’700kWh/year
  • Photovoltaic modules: 1’080 Trina Solar modules type TSM-PC05 of 230 Wp
  • Number of inverters: 15 SMC 10000TL + 9 SMC 11000TL from SMA
  • Orientation: South
  • Roof slope: 6°